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Protect, Connect and Activate _ West Palm Beach Proposal
A Resilient Connective Heart in West Palm Beach.
In Collaboration with:
Elena Kapompasopoulou 

Shore to Core:

Visions for a Waterfront City

This proposal aims to create a resilient waterfront that not only deals with sea-level rise, but that uses it as a catalyst for urban change. It aims to create productive public space with multiple performances, in its sea-level rise mitigation function, as well as in its role as a social connector and economic generator. It aims to create a destination that will act as the ‘heart’ of West Palm Beach, highlighting its unique identity and physical characteristics, to attract business and tourism. It aims to connect an active waterfront, to an engaging urban experience, and an art-alley network to create special social experiences that people will love and will want to be in.

Banyan Garage | Possible Future
Alley on the 200 Block  | Possible Future
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