We believe in the idea that cities are complex urban systems that function laterally at multiple scales, and that public space is a major component in that system, in that it directly caters to people. Our goal is to give new life to under-utilized space, and use it as a mechanism to transform the urban environment. By setting up public space for urban, social and economic vitality, it becomes productive and performative. 

Our team is specialized in urban design and planning, in the activation of public spaces, and the operational management aspects of public space and its placemaking. Involved in academic environments, we have an analytical research-based approach. We research, diagnose, design, and activate, in order to achieve successful and relevant place


Our team is composed of diverse design professionals that bring their unique experiences to create a 'collaborative' hive.

Alexandra is an architectural and urban designer, who has experience working with private, public, and non-profit sectors. Currently, she works as a Senior Urban Designer for both the Bryant Park Corporation and the 34th Street Partnership in Manhattan. Her past experience includes working for the NYC Department of City Planning, where she was part of the team that drafted the Active Design: Shaping the sidewalk experience publication, as well as holding a Research Associate position at Columbia University, where she was a vital part of the curriculum for the 2011 and 2012 MSAUD Fall semester program. She holds a Masters of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in New York and recently she completed the Program on Negotiation Certificate at Harvard Law School and the Data Visualization Seminar with Edward Tufte.

Twitter: @Alexa0514

Alexandra Gonzalez

President and Co-Founder

Racha Daher


Trained as an architect and urban designer, Racha has worked in Brussels, New York City, and in Dubai in professional practice, leading the design of urban strategies and public spaces for projects of multiple scale, and coordinating them among multi-disciplinary teams of consultants and client representatives. She has extensive concept design, urban design and strategic planning experience, and has also put together several development guidelines for public-sector clients. 


She is active in the academic sector. She teaches masters level urban design and landscape urbanism studio based on principles of ecology and systemic design at MAHS-MAUSP, KU Leuven. She has also worked for the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University, as a researcher to put together development systems and strategies for the upgrade of impoverished urban areas. She holds a Masters of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in NYC. 

Twitter: @_rachadaher


At Hive PS, we understand that today's problems can not be solved by one discipline. For this reason, we have a growing "Hive" of experts that contribute and advise our work in their specific areas of expertise. We are always welcoming new members to our collective, so let us know if you are interested in public spaces.

Nidhi Gulati

Community Engagement Specialist

Nidhi is a trained architect and urban researcher with a specialization in civic engagement. Since 2012, she has applied her skills to transportation advocacy, placemaking, technical assistance and education projects spread across 12 American States and 7 countries. She strongly believes in the sustained impact the built environment has on the personal and social lives of people that inhabit them. In that vein, she has dedicate her career to advancing design and planning practices that cultivate physical, social, and financial wellbeing for all citizens, especially children in marginalized communities. 


She is a proud immigrant, lover of trains, and persistent pedestrian everywhere she goes. 

Bill Sarnecky 

Design / Fabrication 

Bill Sarnecky is our collaborator for Title Wave. He is an architect, furniture designer and educator. Prior to recently relocating to Brooklyn, he spent 11 years teaching as an Associate Professor of Architecture at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the UAE. He is currently adjunct professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology and maintains a freelance practice. 

Outcomes from a cross-disciplinary course he taught at AUS were exhibited at the 2012 Salone Satellite in Milan. The design and fabrication of the booth exhibiting these pieces received a Merit Award from the AIA Middle East. 


Prior to his academic career, William worked in Los Angeles, at Pugh+Scarpa Architecture (now Brooks Scarpa) and Belzberg Architects. He is a licensed architect in New Mexico. He holds a Master of Architecture from the University of New Mexico.



Jordana is a Community development professional and artist with a background in multidisciplinary projects for the built environment to improve health, resiliency, and equity in communities. She is trained as an architect with a passion for social-driven experiences that deepen human connections via public spaces. A big supporter of the global placemaking movement and creator of www.urbanonsite.com -A Collaborative for Urban Placemaking Strategy at the Intersection of Art, Equity, and Sustainability.

Jordana Vasquez

Arts & Community

Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman is an urban anthropologist whose work focuses on analyzing urban spaces to enhance the lives of people in cities. The founder of THINK.urban, a research consultancy firm based in Philadelphia, she has worked with organizations including Copenhagenize, Project for Public Spaces, and City ID to bring humanist philosophy into city planning and design. Her work incorporates concepts including tactical urbanism, human-scale cities, placemaking, the right to the city, and spatial ethnographic research. She is the co-host and producer of the Third Wave Urbanism podcast, a weekly program discussing current affairs in our cities with an intersectional lens. Her new project, The Women Led Cities Initiative, launching in 2017 with support from the Knight Foundation, will bring together women working in urbanism to create a strategy toward a feminist city for all.

Katrina Johnson-Zimmerman


Majd Elrahi

Business Advisor

Majd is a business strategist who has worked in the technology sector, in several cities around the globe, including London, Brussels, Helsinki, Munich, Paris and Beirut. He has an MBA from HEC Paris. 


He advises Hive Public Space on its business model and its growth and development strategies. 

Elena is a licensed architect in the EU with international experience in urban design and architecture. She is a design practitioner in  New York City  where she has worked on institutional architectural projects, and on large-scale urban design and redevelopment projects in the US and abroad. She has developed an extensive expertise in resilient design and sea level rise, through her rigorous involvement in the NYC Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency, and in HUD Rebuild by Design - both city-projects that were prompted by Mayor Bloomberg after Hurricane Sandy devastated NYC.


Prior to that, Elena was responsible for the concept development for the masterplan of Gulin, while at the Urban Design Lab (The Earth Institute, Columbia University), and she analyzed and implemented strategies on urban villages in Shenzhen, while at Urbanus Architecture & Design. 


She holds a Masters of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in New York and a 5 year professional degree in Architecture from the University of Patras, Greece.

Elena Kapompasopoulou

Design Collaborator

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