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08_TheRibbon_HivePS x The Urban Conga.jpg

Ribbon _ Long Island City

Commissioned by The Long Island City Partnership

Part of LIC(Re)Connects

"Ribbon" is an installation we designed in collaboration with The Urban Conga as a transformative communal platform for people to connect, share, and learn each other’s versions of Long Island City. Each unit not only allows the user to manipulate the kinetic pieces to change the reflection and refraction of the surrounding context but also reveals different love notes written by residents and visitors to Long Island City. The piece acts as a playful gesture wrapping around and framing out different moments throughout the pedestrian pathways and communal spaces encouraging people to look at the surrounding context in a new way

HivePS Team:

Alexa Gonzalez

Priti Patel 

Charlie Osorio

Photo credit: Savannah Lauren

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