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McConnell Park _ Richmond Hill, Queens

This project is supported by the Local Center, a collaboration between Urban Design Forum & Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD)


Since the summer of 2023, our team has partnered with Studio For to provide design support to Chhaya Community Development Corporation as they dream of improving access to public space for local neighbors and partner community organizations in South Richmond Hill, Queens.

The Richmond Hill community is one of many in NYC that has long been disconnected by a lack of adequate public transportation and underserved in so many ways. Our collective goal is to see this project, focused on the public activation of Lt. Frank McConnell Park, become much more than just that. It’s ideally a shift in focus and resources to communities that are long-deserving of this type of attention and investment.

We hope our efforts are part of a larger shift to bring positive and impactful change to communities in our city, create channels for communities to be part of processes like this, and to build relationships that will create more accessible public spaces rich and reflective of vibrant, local culture! 

Video credit: DaeQuan Collier

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