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Video credit: LYRA by Astra

Lyra's public spaces will have a human-centered design. They make up 41% of Lyra's area and will allow residents and visitors to enjoy a strong sense of community. Its design and programming will promote healthy lifestyles and a vibrant cultural scene.

Lyra _ Monterrey, Mexico

Commissioned by Gentor

Hive Public Space led the Urban Design and Placemaking team for Lyra, a Mixed-use 201,900 m2 project in Monterrey, MX. Addressing the needs of 41% of the project, which constitutes Lyra's public spaces. Our scope covered street design, walkability and accessibility, community engagement strategy, Art/Placemaking masterplan, and Conceptual Programming.

HivePS Team:

Alexa Gonzalez

Racha Daher

Anai Perez

Ana Gabriela Callejas

Nidhi Gulati

Charlie Osorio

Jerome Barth

Streetscape Design

Lyra's mobility strategy combines the work of our transportation and pedestrian accessibility experts. From sidewalks, shared streets, bikeshare system, and transit stops, everything is designed with strategies that respond to pedestrian scale, improve safety, and promote connectivity. We hope that these considerations will generate a new road model in Monterrey where we give priority to the pedestrian over the vehicle.


To encourage active lifestyles, we will have a shared bike system, a bike path that connects all Lyra spaces, and a shuttle that connects to the existing public transportation infrastructure and will have multiple stops within Lyra. Always thinking about the different ages and abilities of users and residents.


The main objective for Lyra's public spaces is to achieve a self-sustaining administration. It is something that takes time, but Lyra has all the components to achieve it. All spaces have the possibility of transforming and evolving, which allows us to introduce various sources of income and sponsorships. Our experience in managing and operating public spaces around the world helps us anticipate solutions to problems that may exist. In turn, our programming schedule is low cost and high impact, and the proposed street furniture was chosen based on durability and ease of maintenance.

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